Shikoku Island

Shikoku Island


Shikoku Island is beautiful and is the fourth largest island in Japan and is considered an agricultural island in the first place and is famous for the cultivation of citrus, which was once called the island of forgotten and contains many tourist attractions is a suitable place for the summer vacation and the island provides visitors with many ways to walk through one of them by From slow trains in order to make the tourist enjoy seeing the beauty of the natural island and the other means are buses, which you can ride it is not expensive at all and finally you can walk on foot of course if you are an amateur.

Shikoku map
Shikoku map

And start your visit to the beautiful beaches where you can enjoy water sports are swimming and diving and take a boat tour and if you want to live near it, you can because the area around the beach full of hotels that have wonderful views and beautiful and includes the most beautiful restaurants that offer the best food go and enjoy.

Shikoku Island is a small island among four islands in Japan characterized by charming natural beauty. The island is located south of Honshu City, east of Kyushu Island. It is an ideal place if you love peace and quiet. The island enjoys beautiful landscapes and has many attractions such as: ancient castles, the Buddha statue as well as many traditional crafts and arts. The island is separated from Honshu by an inland sea in the north and east of the Kii river, separated from Kyushu by the Banjo Strait in the west. Inside the island there is the Ritsurinkown temple and park as well as many museums. The island is 255 km wide and 150 km wide and has a population of 4.7 million. The island is easily accessible by riverboats and recently a huge bridge was built at a large cost linking the cities of Ohashi, Okayama and Takamatsu city. It was opened in 1988.

In 2013, this island has gained a reputation for being frequented by many tourists from all over the world; it is an ideal place for an enjoyable summer holiday. There are many luxury hotels that offer tourists all the services and all the facilities appropriate. There are also high-class restaurants offering gourmet and the best food that suits all tastes.

Shikoku island
Shikoku island

The island consists of many provinces and you can enjoy many visits to each province, so please allocate enough time if you want to cover them fully If you want to know the most beautiful provinces are the four great fortresses are Kochi Castle in Kochi and Castle Matsumaya in Matsumaya and Castle Yuagima in Yogima and Castle Marogim It is one of the most beautiful castles located in Marugem. It was built between 1597 and 1602 AD and is located in the center of the public park, making it the most visited among the four castles for easy access. This castle is open daily: from 09 am to 4:30 pm and closed from 25 December to 31 December Admission fee per person is 200 JPY

One of the most beautiful and beautiful parks in Japan is a 75,000 square meter park, which contains ponds, trees, bridges and green hills, plus a number of rest areas to relax visitors, take a break and drink some refreshments.
This garden is open daily: from 09 am to 4:30 pm and (varies by seasons)
The entrance fee per person is 400 yen

Best Restaurants in Shikoku
Noon O Kabab
This restaurant was superbly clean. The dishes are fresh, wonderful, but salty. They need lemon liquid acid from salt. Flavor of masquerade of salt. It was not refreshing. Excellent customer service, however, a few ladies are and very quiet, but not.

Sultan’s Market
Every time I’m in Xi would like to eat here. I tried almost everything on the menu – vegetarian, meat, chicken – everything was great. And on the aspects authorities will not disappoint you. The interior is spacious with lots of stalls and windows. Both of the staff were not but wonderful – friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Tokushima Prefecture of Kansai can be reached in about two hours and 30 minutes by express bus. Its capital, Tokushima, is famous for the Awa Audori Dance Festival held every summer. Naruto is a 40-minute train ride from Tokushima, and is characterized by its huge sea swamps in the narrow Strait of Naruto. For an interesting look at these whirlpools, book your trip on a tourist boat.

How to reach to Shikoku:
by plane :
The nearest airport is Tokyo Airport and from there you will go to Shikoku Island by means of transportation

by ferry :
There are many phrases you can take from major cities such as Kobe and Hiroshima and the journey takes about two and a half hours

By car:
There are quick routes connecting Honshu with Shikoku so it will not take long time so if you want to arrive quickly go from Honshu.

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