Hokkaido Island

Hokkaido island


The beautiful island of Hokkaido is a large island and is one of the four major Japanese islands. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Japan. It contains many major national parks and is said to resemble the European countryside where rice fields and classical houses are located.

Hokkaido island
Hokkaido island

Hokkaido is one of the islands of Japan. It is a province in its own right, with its capital, Sapporo. The northernmost part of Japan is 83453.57 square kilometers, which accounts for 20.9 percent of the mountainous area of ​​Japan and passes through the western part of the Ishikaregawa River, In the Uttar Bay, in the south, the longest river in Japan, with a length of about 250 km.

It has a cold climate with snowfall in winter (so it is attractive to many cold season skiing enthusiasts) and hot and wet in summer and rainy season made it a popular destination as well and some of its inland areas enjoy continental climate with different daily and annual temperatures.

Hokkaido is a large and large island and you must devote days to discover and navigate, for example, by means of a plane. Hokkaido has a sophisticated flight network and aircraft dedicated to such types of sightseeing. You can take the train, reach the most remote places, cover all places in Hokkaido, Take care like the national parks or you can take buses or cars and if you are a biking enthusiast, Hokkaido offers the opportunity to ride and wander in its dedicated trails and sightseeing closely.

The most important areas for tourists to visit are flower gardens and hot spring centers to take a hot bath and relaxation and if you feel hungry, do not worry because the island contains many restaurants that offer seafood and you can stay on the island is full of hotels and if you want to save some money and camping so The island has the best camping places close to the sea and has great panoramic views. If you do not want a mountain view, the mountains welcome you because they contain mountain huts and whatever your choice you will find a comfortable stay.

Hokkaido main cities
Sapporo, its capital and its main political, economic and cultural center.
Otaru city and Hakodate city, famous for its ports and visitor centers.
Tokachi city, famous for its dairy and grain production.
Furano, one of the most beautiful areas of Hokkaido, is located in its center, with the scenic Daisitsuvan mountain range.

Geography of Hokkaido Island Located in the northern tip of Japan, near Russia, with its coastline overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, there are many volcanic mountains and plateaus in the center of the island, with coastal plains in all directions and ranks 21st in the world in terms of And 20th place in terms of population. The mountains are active volcanic Mount Coma. Mount Usu and Shoua. Mount Taromai. Mount Hokkaido. Mount Mikan.

It is characterized by a relatively cold summer and icy icy winter, with most of the island located in the continental climate. In some low inland areas, the average temperature in August ranges from 17 ° to 22 °, The temperature in January (12 ° – 4 °), depending on altitude and distance from the ocean, and temperatures on the western side of the island, tend to be a little warmer than the east of the island.

The northern part of Hokkaido is located in the Taiga biosphere, where large-scale snow falls from 11 meters on the mountains bordering the Sea of ​​Japan to about 1.8 meters on the Pacific coast, long-term snowstorms, and total snowfalls ranging from 1600 millimeters on the coast of the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, to about 800 mm, on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea and inland plains, the lowest level of snow in Japan, up to about 1100 millimeters on the Pacific side.

How to access:
by plane:
The nearest airport is Sapporo Airport, where daily flights to and from Sapporo are available and will be complemented by one of the transportation routes to the island.

By train:
You can reach by Hachkou and Subuhakshu Railway and it offers fast trains to and from Hokkaido.

In words:
There are many phrases available to bring tourists to Hokkaido from Hakodate, Otaru and Tomacomai.

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