Kanto is the first region of the Pokemon universe and in the popular series and games. He was followed by Goethe, Hen, Sinnoh, Onova, Kalus and Allola. Is the style and name after Kant The area of  Japan, which includes, among other cities, the Japanese capital Tokyo, and all other areas have not yet named where Kanto is the only one whose name is shared with the real world site. The similarities between the bay formations seen on the map in the game and the actual Sagami Bay, Soruga Bay, and Tokyo Bay formations are particularly striking.

Kanto is located to the east of Goethe. It is assumed to constitute a small continent. To the south of Kanto are the islands of Civi and Orange. Hen, presented in Ruby, Pokemon, Sapphire, and Emerald, presumably more south-west. The roads that are entirely located in Kanto are numbered from 1 to 25; roads 26, 27, and 28 connect Kanto with Goethe. It is assumed that the north of this continent is Sinoh. Onova is in a very far distance, and it is unknown where both and Calus are regarding Kanto.

In the first generation of games, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, Kanto is the only area to explore, featuring a variety of environments, such as urban, mountain roads, forests and oceans. In the gold and silver Pokemon and crystal, which introduced Goethe, players were able to travel to Kanto (either steamer, windsurfing or magnet train) travel between Goldenrood City in Goto and Saffron City in Kanto after finishing their journey through Goto. Since these games occupied a timeline in the universe a few years after their ancestors, some changes were introduced. In late 2004, Pokemon Red, Green Pokemon, and Blue Pokemon were revamped as new titles for Game Boy Advance called Pokemon, Vered and Lefgren, and included new elements.

There are two areas in the Kanto area, the city of Safron and the Pokemon Stadium, which can be played in the famous Super Smash Broz fighting games at the Hull Laboratory. In the Nintendo 64 version, Saffron City is the Battlefield Cityscape while the Pokemon Stadium is a basic arena and turns into water, grass, rock and fire-fighting type fire in Super Smash Bros. Melee. With the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes the new Pokemon Playground 2 to play on.

In anime, protagonist Asch Kichum is a resident of Pallet Town and began his tour of the Pokemon gymnasiums in Kanto with Mesti and Brock. Season 1 and season 9 are set from anime in Kanto. The names of sites in anime sometimes differ from those in the game.

Most cities in Kanto are named after colors, such as Piotr City, Veridian City, Saffron City and so on. Pallet Town is the starting point for a series of colors, as Pallet (Plate) is a collection of colors.

Pallet Town is the hometown of the novel Ash Ketchum, from the Pokemon anime, and the red from the adventures of Pokemon. It is also the home of Professor Oak, who gets them started with the first Pokemon, as well as the grandson of Professor OAK (the player named rival in the games, Gary Awak in anime, Blue in Pokemon Adventures). It is based on the hometown of Satoshi Tajiri.

Cities in Kanto region | on Honshu island | Japan.

  • Ibaraki
  • Tochigi
  • Gunma
  • Saitama
  • Chiba
  • Tokyo
  • Kanagawa

How to access:
by plane:
The nearest airport is Sapporo Airport, where daily flights to and from Sapporo are available and will be complemented by one of the transportation routes to the island.

By train:
You can reach by Hachkou and Subuhakshu Railway and it offers fast trains to and from Hokkaido.

In words:
There are many phrases available to bring tourists to Hokkaido from Hakodate, Otaru and Tomacomai.

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