Shiko The Shimanami-Kaidu road was opened to connect the main islands of Honshu and Chikoku with seven large bridges. Shiko’s highway and the road on the bridge over the inner sea reveal magnificent views of the sea with its blue color, its ships, its boats of various sizes and the charming little islands.

Shikoku map
Shikoku map

Shiko is surrounded by the inland sea, or inland Sea Seto islands Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu main. The passage from Honshu Island to Shikoku Island is now very easy and fun, thanks to the series of seven bridges, including the Situ Ohashi bridges, Akashi-Kaikyo-Ohashi and Shimanami-Kaidu. There are also boats and ferries traveling to Shikoku from the cities of Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Onomichi and Wakayama.

The best tourist places in Shikoku
The inland sea, which enjoys natural sea views and a mild climate, is a calm, peaceful and beautiful sea, with more than 600 islands scattered over an area of ??8,200 square kilometers. Walking or cycling on the Shimanami-Kaidu road (60 km) is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the stunning scenery of the inner sea.

The Shimanami-Kaidu route provides a typical route for tourism, with the seven bridges linking the six smaller islands between Honshu and Chikoku. These diverse natural landscape landscapes are a stunning range of shapes for many small harbors, fishing villages, salt fields, and farms located on the island’s precipitous slopes.

The cultural village of Naoshima Island, located in the inland sea, can be reached in one hour and 30 minutes from Okayama by train, by ferry or by car. The village is a contemporary art museum, and its architecture is a harmonious blend of the island’s outstanding environment. The island of Shikoku has four administrative provinces, and each of the headquarters of the rulers of those provinces was in the past cities with castles.

The natural beauty of the spectacular scenery of the inland sea coasts and the Pacific coastline is a highlight of the tourist attraction of Shikoku Island. Access to these sites has become very easy since the direct bus service between the main cities of Kansai Province on the side of Honshu and Shikoku has recently been introduced. Takamatsu, an hour’s drive from Okayama, is the main gateway from Honshu to Shikoku, and a convenient starting point for travel around the island.

Takamatsu has many attractions. Including Ritzurin Park, one of the most beautiful traditional parks in the region. It was 350 years ago above the site of a villa owned by the Matsudaira clan.

How to Go to Shikoku

Matsuyama is the largest city in Shikoku, located 2 hours 40 minutes by express train from Takamatsu, or an hour from Hiroshima or Korh by boat. Matsuyama Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Japan. The Dogu area (where hot water springs are located) is 20 minutes by train from Matsuyama, one of Japan’s oldest places.

Kochi, located two and 20 minutes by express train from Takamatsu, is the province’s rich agricultural and fisheries headquarters along the south-eastern coast of Chikoku. Its southwestern coast, a nature reserve, creates a range of attractions for diving and deep-sea watching to whale watching.

Tokushima Prefecture of Kansai can be reached in about two hours and 30 minutes by express bus. Its capital, Tokushima, is famous for the Awa Audori Dance Festival held every summer. Naruto is a 40-minute train ride from Tokushima, and is characterized by its huge sea swamps in the narrow Strait of Naruto. For an interesting look at these whirlpools, book your trip on a tourist boat.

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