Edo-Tokyo Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum


The Edo-Tokyo deposit (Edo Tōkyō Hakubutsukan) is housed in an exceedingly distinctive wanting building within the Ryogoku district. The museum’s permanent exhibition vividly illustrates the past of Yedo (known as Edo till 1869) through its exhibits and covers several options of the capital from the Edo amount to comparatively recent decades.


In AN interactive approach, guests area unit ready to expertise and find out about varied aspects of earlier Yedo, like the approach of lifetime of individuals, Edo amount design, cultural heritage, political climate, business state of affairs and a lot of. Through varied models of cities, figurines and lifesize figures, the deposit makes it attention-grabbing to seek out out regarding however cities were made within the past.


The deposit additionally offers several smart photography opportunities, for instance with vehicles and things antecedently used. Voluntary guides speaking in English and different languages area unit offered from 10:00 to 15:00.


In addition to the permanent exhibition, special exhibitions area unit command sporadically on varied, Yedo connected themes. what is more, the deposit encompasses a sister deposit within the western suburbs of Yedo, the Edo-Tokyo outdoors deposit, that preserves and exhibits multiple historic buildings.




Over the centuries, Yedo has practised its fair proportion of hardships: within the starting fires, earthquakes And different natural disasters together with an eruption of Mt Fuji did their best to flatten the city; then came the 1923 nice Kanto Earthquake; followed by perennial bombing throughout warfare II, And afterward a amount of unregulated urban development dropped at an finish by the collapse of the bubble economy…yeesh.


All of this and a lot of created Yedo what it’s these days, and provides some stellar material for a colossal deposit regarding the history of town – presently within the eccentric kind of the Edo-Tokyo deposit.


From the skin it’s like a colossal area ship sculptural once a luxury ocean liner, however is really supported a conventional Edo storage in-built the kurazukuri vogue (which was the simplest way for fed-up Tokyoites to finally create their buildings fire-resistant). coming back in on the Chuo Line to Ryogoku wherever the deposit is found you’ll see the building hovering over the train tracks on the brink of beam up all of the sport wrestlers at the Kokugikan sport arena adjacent.


Inside the deposit is simply as spectacular with a huge show of things touch 2 open floors, dominated by a life-size reproduction of the Nihombashi Bridge that you simply cross over after you enter the deposit. There are a unit quite two,500 things on display; from previous maps and swords to meticulously elaborate dioramas, further as large-scale, interactive models showing what standard of living was like throughout the Edo amount and a full reconstruction of the Nakamura-za Theater – one in every of the 3 main kabuki theatres of Edo.

The museum’s recently restored permanent exhibition is split into 3 main zones: the Edo Zone, the Yedo Zone and also the Comprehensive History Zone, taking you from the beginnings of Yedo through the centuries up until the current day. There’s tight English labeling in every zone and an attractive mixture of fragile relics behind glass, life-size models of homes that you’ll practise and ‘Please touch’ interactive displays that each one bring the city’s past to life.


For a mere 600yen (free for kids), you’ll cross-check some ancient rest room time at the reconstructed Edo bogs, take a photograph sitting on a duplicate penny coin, see a typical reconstructed space from a post-war flat and find out how modern Yedo was shaped from the Sixties to 2010 through a set of everyday objects – they even have a ossified Windows ninety five box on show to form you’re feeling very previous.


The deposit offers free radio-controlled tours light-emitting diode by volunteers of the permanent hall. betting on the day, the languages offered area unit Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German and Spanish and tours last some two hours. you’ll reserve on the day (from 10000 to 15.00) or before by business the deposit a minimum of time period before you intend to go to. you’ll additionally devour a free audio guide (with a refundable deposit) at the final info counter on the first or third floors.


Special exhibitions on Japanese and international subjects happen throughout the year. For Gregorian calendar month till Gregorian calendar month twentieth there’s AN exhibition on NHK Historical Drama ‘Hana Moyu’ whereas early next year sculpturer carver are within the spotlight (details area unit nevertheless to be announced). The deposit additionally runs totally different events largely in Japanese together with active workshops and lectures on the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo. The Edo-Tokyo deposit additionally encompasses a sister deposit within the West of town known as the Edo-Tokyo outdoors deposit that preserves and exhibits vital historic buildings.


The Edo-Tokyo deposit is within the Ryogoku district of Yedo on the Sumida stream, right next to the national sport arena that additionally encompasses a deposit (the capably named sport museum) and if you’re here throughout the tournament season, you’ll mix the 2 for a double whammy of Edo culture. Ryogoku is additionally wherever you’ll notice several of Tokyo’s sport stables if you wish to ascertain out a morning coaching session. close there’s a lot of restaurants proffering ‘chanko-nabe’ (sumo wrestlers’ hotpot) further as a bunch of izakaya, and also the YedoSkytree is among easy-ish walking distance. Enjoy!

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