Hokkaido – is the paradise of nature. Enjoy its unique nature from the depths of your heart – its mountains, highlands, rivers, lakes, sea and clear skies.

Hokkaido is the main island in northern Japan, very stable from the eighteenth century to the present, and today as in the foot, is still full of a lot of nature’s labyrinth.

Sapporo gate to Hokkaido for air arrivals from Tokyo and Osaka as it is the cultural, economic and political center of the island.

The city is characterized by its neatly designed streets like a chessboard. The city’s main street is the flowery Udori Park, while the large snow festival in the world-famous Sapporo attracts many spectators each February. The historical monument in Sapporo is the clock tower building, which houses a museum displaying the history of the city. The famous Gozanki resort for hot water springs is not far from Sapporo. It is a famous resort for visitors who arrive and leave the same day.

Lake Shikotsu, which is an hour and 20 minutes by bus from Sapporo, is a beautiful volcanic lake located between high altitudes. It is dark blue and not frozen. The volcanic Tuya Lake is another famous place. Four densely wooded islands called the Nakanoshima Islands adorn the center of the lake.

Hakodate, which can be reached by train from Aomori, is a popular tourist destination. Hakodate is a port city with a spectacular night view. The star-shaped Goryukaku castle is a prime attraction, as well as the beautiful scenery of Hakodate Mountain. It is very helpful to visit the morning market, which is full of vendors and customers. It has about 360 shops and small cakes full of fish and fresh vegetables. A simple view of the lively and lively market is fun in and of itself.

Asahikawa, located in Hokkaido city center, can be reached in one hour and 30 minutes by express train from Sapporo. Another hour’s journey by local train takes you to Furano, which boasts its purple fields at the beginning of the summer. Its wide, interwoven fields form exquisite purple belts of daffodil, eucalyptus and gorse. Visitors of different ages often prefer to drive through the flowering fields of Furano in this natural land and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Kushiro, the largest city in eastern Hokkaido, is 4 hours by express train from Sapporo. In eastern Hokkaido, the natural world of nature is adorned with sparkling lakes. The highest altitude here is the Kushiro swamps, which are wildlife sanctuaries. When you take a boat trip on the Kushiro River, which makes its winding way through these swamps, you will immortalize those memories forever.

Hokkaido, which is characterized by vast green spaces giving nature lovers the opportunity to practice various activities in the open air. It also offers the opportunity to watch dolphins, whales, river rafting, horseback riding, forest trekking, hot air ballooning and many more.

Matsuyama is the largest city in Hokkaido, located 2 hours 40 minutes by express train from Takamatsu, or an hour from Hiroshima or Korh by boat. Matsuyama Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Japan. The Dogu area (where hot water springs are located) is 20 minutes by train from Matsuyama, one of Japan’s oldest places.

Kochi, located two and 20 minutes by express train from Takamatsu, is the province’s rich agricultural and fisheries headquarters along the south-south coast of Hokkaido. Its southwestern coast, a nature reserve, creates a range of attractions for diving and deep-sea watching to whale watching.

Tokushima Prefecture of Kansai can be reached in about two hours and 30 minutes by express bus. Its capital, Tokushima, is famous for the Awa Audori Dance Festival held every summer. Naruto is a 40-minute train ride from Tokushima, and is characterized by its huge sea swamps in the narrow Strait of Naruto. For an interesting look at these whirlpools, book your trip on a tourist boat.

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