Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture is a Japanese city located in the Kansai area of Japan’s main island of Honshu, a population of 2.5 million people formerly known as Osaka Naniwa and is the third largest city in terms of population and is a popular tourist destination.

Osaka Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture

The city has a semi-tropical climate and its four seasons have a cold winter breeze and rarely see snow. Summer is hot and humid, while spring and autumn enjoy a mild and wonderful atmosphere.

Creativity in the architecture does not stop at a certain limit. The architects often have problems of the quality of a tree in the middle of a building, a palm tree, or any creature of nature. The talent and creativity of the engineer lies in the implementation of an attractive building with distinctive architectural foundations without eviction. The thing differed instead of being part of nature being a myth ..! This is what we will now review.

Osaka Tower The world’s strangest tower The tower was found in one of the places where the government wants to build a network of connectors. The solution was to pass the road line from inside the tower.

The tower is located in the city of Osaka, Japan’s second largest city after the capital, it is called the highway bridge in the most densely populated places. The genius of engineering in the state of Japan has reached the bridge from the center of the building without any damage to the building.


The story behind the building is that the negotiations between the government and the owners of the building lasted about five years to establish this highway to facilitate the movement’s passerby and connect the parts of the city and all the attempts failed, but the construction of the bridge was approved without any damage to the building. The building underwent many operations for its safety and The bridge is also considered to be the first building to pass through a triangular road system. The total area of ??the site was built in late 1992, with a total area of ??2,353 meters. The building area is 769 meters. The length of the building is 71.9 meters. The number of floors is 16 floors and two underground.

The designer who designed the building is Azusa Seiki and Yamamoto and the executing company is Sato Kogyo Ltd.

The building has become famous around the world and some are just going to take pictures of different shapes. If you ever go to Japan, do not forget to take a look at it.

Top Attractions:
Aquarium Aquarium Kaikuan:
It has the largest aquarium in the world and you can reach it after a five minute walk from Osaka Station. The marine life is displayed in 15 aquariums featuring the most beautiful aquariums in Japan, as well as stunning views of the Pacific Ocean,

Your tour of the aquarium will begin with a tour of the aquariums and observe a variety of fish and sea otters and their movements. There are also some ponds that show normal salmon, trout, dolphins and penguins. There are also great coral reefs in some ponds

Opening Hours:
Open daily from 10:00 – 20:00 (and from 09:30 in May, October, July and August)
entrance fees:
The ticket price is 2,300 yen per person

Osaka Castle:
It is a beautiful Japanese castle with an area of ??3,300,000 square meters. It is the most famous castle and visit. It is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Osaka, where tens of thousands gather to see this castle.

Construction of the castle began in 1583 and was destroyed by Udago Bounaga. The castle was rebuilt by Tocco Gawa Heddata in 1620 and surrounded by a magnificent garden where cherry trees lined up in the garden to give it a spectacular view
Opening Hours:
Open daily from 09:00 to 17:00
And closed on 28 December – 1 January
entrance fees:
The entrance fee for the castle is 600 yen per person

Mino Park:
It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Asaka, a beautiful valley and the best places in the Kansai region to see the autumn colors in a natural environment and is one of the most popular places to enjoy the visitors and you can see the wonderful waterfall and traffic during your tour to enjoy the rich nature and fresh air and tranquility Miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful garden especially during the fall

How to Access
by plane:
Kansai International Airport is the nearest airport and provides daily trips to and from Osaka and can then be completed by internal transport

by train:
Tokaido and Ainu Shinkans trains that reach Shin Osaka Station and to the north-central city and you can reach the city center by Midusuji metro line

By car:
Explicitly, the car is not recommended to go to visit Osaka because the streets without signs and paintings will depend on maps and inquiries from residents of surrounding areas.

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