Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


Osaka storage tank Kaiyukan is found within the Tempozan Harbor Village of Osaka‘s bay space, and is one in every of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums. It introduces numerous styles of life inhabiting the Pacific Rim in an exceedingly well organized and spectacular approach.


Marine life is displayed in fifteen tanks, every representing a selected region of the Pacific Rim. The central tank, representing the Pacifc Ocean, is 9 meters deep and residential to a Rhincodontypus, the aquarium’s main attraction.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Visitors begin their tour of the storage tank on the eighth floor and slowly spiral down floor by floor round the central tank. a number of the tanks stretch over many floors, creating it attainable to look at the animals from completely different depths and views. New exhibition area was additional to the storage tank in March 2013.


Within the Tempozan Harbor Village at the middle of the Bay space you’ll notice, housed in an exceedingly structure of exceptional style, the Osaka storage tank “Kaiyukan,” one in every of the most important aquariums within the world. Consisting of fifteen water tanks targeted on one Brobdingnagian tank holding five,400 plenty of water, it’s home to 620 species and thirty,000 marine animals from the Pacific Rim―everything from surprisingly pleasant jellyfish, to playfully chortling ocean otters, to dolphins, penguins, and even a combine of majestic big whale sharks, the most important fish on earth. this is often like no alternative storage tank anyplace, and it is a attraction for each youngsters and adults. come back see and be surprised.


An animal lover through and thru, I’ve perpetually enjoyed aiming to zoos. In fact, I build it a degree to go to a minimum of one animal sanctuary on each trip. Thinking back on our travels, look associate 8-ft Komodo dragon wolf a whole chicken and feeding eucalyptus leaves to a possum stay a number of my fondest impulse recollections.


The older i buy tho’ and therefore the additional petitions I sign up protest of animal abuse, the less inclined I’m to travel. In several cases, it simply doesn’t appear humane any longer to stay animals in captivity for our recreation, particularly the larger mammals.


But with this Kaiyukan being associate storage tank, housing principally fish that aren’t as intelligent nor self-conscious as mammals, I didn’t assume I’d have any ethical reservations concerning the place.


Entrance to the storage tank is ¥2,300 for adults. one in every of the world’s largest aquariums, the tanks at Kaiyukan hold nearly eleven,000 plenty of water.


You start at the highest and build your approach down through the exhibits in an exceedingly circular motion. At the middle of the spiral is that the aquarium’s largest tank (pictured below), with several smaller tanks around its perimeter. This main tank is nine meters (30 ft) deep and holds five,400 cubic  meters (190,699 cubic  ft) of water.

The undisputed stars of the massive central tank are 2 juvenile whale sharks, Rhincodontypus, each of that sadly weren’t on show nowadays. consistent with the employees, that they had been refusing to feed for weeks thus were isolated and anesthetise observation.


You’ll notice that there aren’t any photos of the dolphins i discussed up high. i used to be frustrated to seek out them here thus I wasn’t keen on taking their photos. this might be one in every of the world’s largest aquariums, however their tank still wasn’t sufficiently big. Dolphins will swim up to one hundred miles per day searching and enjoying, thus no tank on earth will probably offer them with enough area to facilitate their natural behaviors.


There’s a growing variety of individuals within the World Health Organization ar against keeping cetaceans in captivity, and I’m one in every of them. Dolphins aren’t fish. Like us, they’re extremely smart mammals that sleep in complicated social teams. Keeping them in small aquariums like this is often cold-blooded and one thing that we actually shouldn’t be doing any longer.


Dolphins aside the’, i believed that the remainder of the storage tank was pretty good. It’s big, with several exhibits to ascertain, thus you’ll simply pay a few of hours here. The jellyfish show was the simplest half on behalf of me. it might are nice to ascertain the whale sharks too, however I’ve swam with them before in Don sol and Oslo thus I wasn’t too frustrated.


Looking back at that Donsol expertise, i noticed that in most cases, interacting with animals in their natural atmosphere very is that the best approach of appreciating them.


For anyone interested, the Tempozan big rotating mechanism is not far away to the storage tank. For ¥700, you’ll climb on this 17-minute ride that boasts a wheel diameter of one hundred meters (330 ft) associated an acrophobia-inducing most height of 112.5 meters (369 ft). No thanks!

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