Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle


The construction of city Castle started in 1583 on the previous website of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple, that had been destroyed by Oda Nobunaga 13 years earlier. ToyotomiHideyoshi supposed the castle to become the middle of a replacement, unified Japan underneath Toyotomi rule. it had been the biggest castle at the time.


However, a number of years once Hideyoshi’s death, Tokugawa troops attacked and destroyed the castle and terminated the Toyotomi lineage in 1615. city Castle was remodeled by Tokugawa Hidetada within the 1620s, however its main castle tower was smitten by lightening in 1665 and burnt down.

Osaka Castle Photo
Osaka Castle Photo


It was not till 1931 that this ferro-concrete reconstruction of the castle tower was designed. throughout the war it miraculously survived town wide air raids. Major repair works gave the castle new beauty in 1997. The castle tower is currently entirely fashionable on the within associate degreed even options an elevator for easier accessibility. It homes associate degree informative depository regarding the castle’s history and ToyotomiHideyoshi.


The castle tower is encircled by secondary citadels, gates, turrets, spectacular stone walls and moats. The Nishinomaru Garden, encompassing the previous “western citadel”, may be a field garden with 600 cherry trees, a tea house, the previous city Guest House and nice views of the castle tower from below. not like most of the remainder of the castle grounds, the garden needs associate degree fee.


The entire city Castle Park covers regarding 2 sq. kilometers with many inexperienced house, sport facilities, a multi-purpose arena (Osakajo Hall) and a shrine dedicated to ToyotomiHideyoshi. The park is one in all Osaka’s preferred hanami spot throughout the cherry blossom season, that sometimes takes place in early Apr.

Osaka castle Night
Osaka Castle Night (blog.gaijinpot)


Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) was designed by the hegemon ToyotomiHideyoshi, WHO dominated Japan within the latter half the sixteenth century, on the positioning of a temple referred to as IshiyamaHongan-ji. the development work began in 1583 and most buildings like the castle tower were completed in 1585. Its gross space is over three,300,000 and tens of thousands of individuals were daily mobilized in its construction. The keep is five-tiered and nine-storied, and has massive golden creature ornaments shining on the top side. it’s claimed that pure gold chasings were set within the corridors. one in all the charms of this castle is that the fantastic thing about its fencing. Reportedly, there are a unit forty,000 rocks within the wall. Legend has it that powerful daimyo from all components of Japan competed in carrying the big rocks to show their loyalty to the Toyotomi hegemon. the present castle tower was inbuilt 1931. it’s 5 tiers and is just about forty m high. it’s the image of city.


Osaka Castle, that may be a noted landmark, a preferred looking spot, and therefore the image of city, contains 13 structures that are selected as vital Cultural Assets by the Japanese government. Of special note area unit the grand gates and turrets on the outer fosse. The steep walls that rise near thirty meters high area unit product of large blocks of stone that were transported to city from quarries over one hundred kilometers away. The sheer height of the walls and therefore the wide moats they rise on top of create a grand sight which will be matched by no alternative castle in Japan. additionally of interest area unit the tower’s eight roof dolphins and therefore the decorative roof tiles and reliefs carved  within the form of tigers, all of that area unit gilded with gold. The castle tower underwent a serious renovation in 1997. The outer walls were replastered, the decorative fixtures were improved, and gold foil was re-applied throughout. These repairs have brought back the structure’s gorgeous look of old―with pure white walls and hanging accents of coruscant gold. The re-engineered and refurbished Main Tower is well-lighted each within and out, lightness the castle’s brilliance because the image of city.


Osaka Castle was originally designed by HideyoshiToyotomi (1537-1598), one in all the 3 nice warlords and unifiers of medieval Japan. Construction commenced in 1583 on the previous website of the IshiyamaHonganji Temple. This temple, originally a fastness of mortal clergymen, had been lost to fireside 3 years earlier during a war with Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582) WHO was Hideyoshi’s former commander and another of the 3 nice medieval warlords. Hideyoshi supposed the castle to become the middle of a replacement, unified Japan underneath his rule.


It took 60,000 laborers eighteen months to complete the castle’s keep and tower. Hideyoshi, WHO had declared himself the successor of Nobunaga Oda, sculptured the castle once Nobunaga’s Azuchi Castle, except on a way grander and a lot of imposing scale thus on flaunt his unexampled wealth. quite one,000 vessels transported huge plenty of stone from all round the city space to construct the castle. Inside, the innermost palace was embellished with silver and gold, and valuable treasures were ordered out and stacked au fait each floor of the most Tower.


The Great Castle Falls

For fifteen years, till Hideyoshi’s death in 1598, the castle unbroken growing and increasing, turning into ever stronger and a lot of luxurious. And around it, city was developing into the terribly image of the trendy castle town–a political, military, economic and cultural center with the mansions of powerful social structure lords clustered closely regarding the castle and everything else divergent  out from there.


Two years once Hideyoshi’s death, his forces were defeated by the forces of Ieyasu Tokugawa (1542-1616) at one in all the good battles that vulnerable to divide the country. Ieyasu was the third of the good medieval warlords and one WHO, like Hideyoshi before him, succeeded in unifying the complete country underneath his rule, establishing the Tokugawa monocracy, primarily based in Edo, that may last for 260 years. In 1615, Tokugawa’s troops reduced from Edo, attacked and destroyed city Castle, and terminated the Toyotomi lineage.


Repeated reconstruction within the Edo amount

Osaka Castle was after remodeled by the Tokugawa monocracy, that prescribed that the walls be “twice as tall” and therefore the moats “twice as deep” as before. however in 1660, but forty years once its reconstruction, the castle was mostly destroyed once lightning smitten one in all its explosives warehouses. And five years later, in 1665, lightning smitten once more, this point striking the most Tower, that burned down. a bit over 100 years afterward, in 1783, lightning smitten however once more. however by that point the castle had lost abundant of its former splendor.

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