Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


The national capital Metropolitan edifice in Shinjuku is commonly visited by tourists for its free observation decks which offer sensible broad views of national capital and on the far side. The 243 meter tall building has 2 towers, and every homes AN observatory at a height of 202 meters. It had been the tallest building in national capital till it had been overtaken by the Midtown Tower in 2007.

tokyo metropolitan government building
tokyo metropolitan government building

With favorable weather, illustrious landmarks like Fujinoyama, the national capital Sky tree, national capital Tower, Meiji Shrine and therefore the national capital Dome are often seen from the observatories. every observatory features a restaurant  and a gift look. The North Observatory remains open later at midnight, creating it a well-liked spot to catch night views of the town.


The towers and therefore the close buildings contain offices and therefore the auditorium of the metropolitan government of national capital. guests area unit so subjected to bag checks before boarding the elevators as a part of the protection measures.


On the second story of the building, there’s a tourer data center with voluminous data concerning national capital, however additionally concerning numerous alternative tourer destinations across Japan. sporadically, the middle holds fairs throughout that native product from chosen regions area unit introduced and placed on sale.


The national capital Metropolitan Government Buildings became the face of the side of Shinjuku Station. you’ll be able to see all of national capital from the popular 202-meter high observation decks, settled on the forty fifth floor of Main Building No. 1. we have a tendency to advocate the South Observation Deck throughout the day, as you’ll be able to see toward the popular Odaiba recreation district. there’s additionally a café wherever you’ll be able to get lightweight snacks. The North Observation Deck, that is open till 10:30 p.m., is nice for enjoying national capital at midnight, complete with drinks at the deck’s café and bar, wherever a range of alcoholic drinks area unit obtainable.


Enjoy a 360 degree reedbird of national capital from the Observatories! The view from every tower differs slightly: On the Northeast facet you’ll see high-rises and skyscrapers of Shinjuku; on the northeast facet you’ll realize the national capital Sky tree, On the South national capital Tower, and on the fine day, particularly within the winter time you’ll be ready to see Mt. Fuji within the west. There are a unit many retailers on the observatory, particularly within the North Tower. it’s open till 23:00 therefore be at liberty to savors the exciting sparkling night scenery of national capital.


How to get to the observatory


At the first floor of the most building, there’s AN specific elevator to every observatory. The observatories area unit settled on forty fifth floor height (202m, 663 ft.). The elevator permits you to succeed in forty fifth floor in mere fifty five seconds!! By the approach, the most observatory of national capital Tower is 145m (about 476ft), and you wish pay further to travel to special observatory. that the national capital Metropolitan edifice really brings you to a better purpose at a lower value, in truth for free!!


Don’t miss out on the night read from the North Tower! On the southeast facet you’ll be able to see the lights of Rapping Hills, national capital Tower, and therefore the Rainbow Bridge. On the southwest facet, you’ll be able to see the illustrious port city port within the distance.

tokyo metropolitan government building at night
tokyo metropolitan government building at night

Tokyo’s seat of power, designed by architect Kenzō and completed in 1991, looms massive and appears somewhat sort of a pixelated cathedral (or the habitation of AN animated villain). Take AN elevator from the bottom floor of Building one to at least one of the dual 202m-high observatories for broad views over the unending cityscape (the views area unit nearly an equivalent from either tower). On a transparent day (morning is best), you’ll catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji to the west.


(These rules don’t apply to help dogs concomitant folks with disabilities, that area unit welcome within the building.)


Animals allowed within the building

Animals during a appropriate pet travel cage which will be carried simply while not obstructing traffic area unit permissible within the building.

(Animals that cause a threat to guests and employees area unit prohibited.)

Carrying animals among the building

Owners area unit to blame for securing the animal within the cage, and for carrying the cage and keeping it with their person in any respect times.

(Neither the reception desks on the first and ordinal floors, the protection guard stations, the observatories, nor the other section of the building can take care of a visitor’s animal.)


Owners area unit asked to require care so their animal remains quiet.

An owner whose animal causes an excessive amount of noise, or otherwise disturbs the opposite guests, could also be asked to depart the building.

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