Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is one among Tokyo’s largest town parks, that includes wide lawns, ponds and wooded areas. it’s an excellent place for cardiopulmonary exercise, picnicking and alternative out of doors activities.


Although Yoyogi Park has comparatively few cherry trees compared to alternative sites in Yedo, it makes for a pleasant cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. moreover, it’s renowned for its ginko tree forest, that turns intensely golden in time of year.


Before turning into a town park in 1967, the realm wherever Yoyogi Park is found served because the web site of the Olympic Village for the 1964 Yedo athletic contest, and before that, as a territorial dominion for North American nation military personnel.


This wonderful inexperienced spot lies right between the busy town centres of Shibuya and Shinjuku and is one among the biggest parks in Yedo. It became a park solely in 1967, when having served because the Olympic Village for the athletes throughout the 1964 Yedo Summer athletic contest.


The large inexperienced open area within the middle is simply good for taking part in, and you may quickly forget that you simply are literally within the centre of active Yedo. a number of the fountains within the middle square measure lit as presently because it gets dark.

there’s a cardiopulmonary exercise path, a sport course and a separate bike apply space for youths. you’ll be able to rent a bicycle at the sport centre at the western finish of the park. strive a bike if you have got not done therefore before!


If you do not desire taking part in or doing any sports, simply stroll around, be careful for dance teams and musicians active, absorb the atmosphere and relax on the grass.


Street diversion (mostly on weekends) may be found right ahead of Harajuku gate, at the japanese finish of the park. the foremost well-liked event is unquestionably the acid Dance, once Japanese acid freaks, United Nations agency appear to own simply on the loose from the musical Grease, swank their moves. This event takes place each Sunday afternoon from around two pm. alternative street performances square measure additional irregular, however will embody juggling, martial arts, silent comedy or cosplay (short for costume play).

Fountain Yoyogi Park


One of my favorite options of the park may be a cluster of drummers / percussionists you may realize virtually each weekend on the white stone benches on the massive fountain. The sound of the drums, that at some purpose gets mixed with children’s laughter and also the caw of the crows, creates AN improbably hospitable atmosphere.


While the winter is mostly quiet, because of the largely sunny weather in Yedo, Yoyogi Park still gets his fair proportion of holiday makers. As presently because the cherry blossom season starts, it becomes a major spot for hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) parties, and through the most hanami weekend the complete park turns into one immense party event. In summer, individuals take it terribly simple and simply relax somewhere underneath the trees, attempting to flee from the warmth. Visiting in time of year offers you an incredible sort of colours: the brilliant yellow of the maidenhair tree leaves and also the obtrusive red of the maple trees play a beautiful distinction.


Last however not least you must not miss the dog run wherever dogs will frolic around and play with one another off-leash, separated by dog size! you may even be updated on the latest trends in dog fashion.


If you’re keen on seeing some street diversion, make certain to travel on a weekend, ideally Sunday afternoon. throughout the week it’s abundant quieter, however, I in person fancy Yoyogi Park any day; it’s a real out of doors paradise within the heart of the town.


Tokyo includes a multitude of parks, however not all parks attract an equivalent reasonably guests. for example, Shinjuku Gyoen doesn’t permit alcohol, therefore it’s counseled for families, or garden/parks like KoishikawaKorakuen square measure additional for people who need to understand nature quietly—no picnics or something, simply strolling and taking photos. therefore wherever does one go if you’re probing for a hip, fun park? Yoyogi Park—that’s where!


Located close to the Jr Line’s Harajuku or Yoyogi Station, or Yedo Metro’s Meiji-Jingumae Station, Yoyogi Park is one among Tokyo’s largest parks at fifty four.1 hectares. though it had been formally created as a park in 1967, it’s had quite some history. it had been antecedently a military parcel, and it had been the positioning of military barracks once the North American nation occupied Japan. it had been additionally important to the 1964 Yedo Olympics: the Yoyogi National Gymnasium was created for that event, main athletes’ village was also within the park. In recent history, the park was additionally closed for a few time in 2014 as a result of a infectious disease eruption having started therein space.


Today, Yoyogi Park is split into two components, separated by a road. One half is that the forest park space, and another, that may be a longer go forth, has an out of doors stage and construction. the previous is that the larger space, and is sometimes wherever individuals have barbeques and picnics, whereas the latter’s facilities build it appropriate for events—it’s just about exceptional for a weekend to travel by while not an occurrence therein a part of Yoyogi Park!


The forest park space is what the general public consider after you mention “Yoyogi Park.” It’s appropriate not just for picnics, however additionally for alternative out of doors activities like athletics and cardiopulmonary exercise. Its fields square measure massive and sprawling, therefore if you simply need to sit down and relax, that’s fine, too. It’s additionally got sport plazas for adults and children; a lake with some fountains; a bird sanctuary; a sample garden that was fashioned because of the contributions of twenty-two participant countries throughout the Yedo Olympics; rose, cherry, And plum gardens; and an observation deck from that you’ll be able to see the whole thing of the forest space.


As for flora, Yoyogi Park’s is honestly not that special or scenic compared thereto of alternative parks. It’s not most renowned for the wonder of its trees and blossoms; it’s higher renowned for being a park that’s active with activity. However, Yoyogi Park will have some cherry blossoms—it has around five hundred Somei-Yoshino cherry trees, and additionally some kawazusakura—early-blooming sakura—trees. whereas it’s not specifically called a hanami spot (other parks simply beat Yoyogi Park therein regard) it’s not exceptional to own hanamipicnics there. thejapanesezelkova, though, is that the tree that’s in most abundance within the park.


The other facet doesn’t extremely have abundant flora; once more, it’s higher called an occurrence venue. Usually, you’ll see cultural events and/or epizoon markets there, furthermore as food stalls. That facet additionally has AN parcel of land, football and hockey field, and court. It’s additionally quite near the NHK Broadcast Center.

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