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Most popular Japanese food


A survey of Japan’s reveals the best Japanese food people prefer, and they want to ask their wives and granules. The survey included 114 men, ranging in age from 22 to 39, to list the top 10 Japanese cuisine published by Japan Today.

  1. Carry

Japanese men prefer to be cooked by their sweetheart all that has to do with curry, where they love rice curry or chicks or even meat and seafood, they consider it the best curry flavor for them.

  1. Hamburger meat

The hamburger meat is only without the famous ring bread, and the beef burger mixes with burger in Japan, for 32.5% men.

  1. Nikogaka

A combination of potatoes, small pieces of meat, carrots and onions, Nikogaka is the favorite dish of the old fashions or men who prefer the old fashioned food style. The Japanese dish is simple and can easily be called a “potato platter”

  1. Rice with omelet

A meal mixing the Japanese and Western character at the same time, adding ketchup, and cutting the small space with the mushroom, for 28.9% of Japanese men considered a romantic meal, and prefer to draw a “heart” or wrote their beloved names on them.

  1. Miso soup

Miso soup contains a high calorie content, as well as healthy soup, useful and one of the most famous Japanese traditional meals, with the addition of pieces of Japanese spices and spices, favored by Japanese men by 25.4%.

Miso soup
Miso soup
  1. The garage

Fried chicks are served with garlic, salt and soy sauce, the famous Japanese sauce with ginger sauce, and of course Japanese ladies can offer their loved ones while watching a romantic movie at home.

  1. Pork with ginger

Although the Japanese cuisine does not depend on the use of ginger, the pork meal is different for Japanese men, which is to grind small, thin pieces of meat with onions and spices.

  1. Gratin noodles

One of the best Japanese dishes influenced by the European cuisine “gratin” is pasta with white sauce and cheese, preferably by men by 15.8%.

Gratin noodles
Gratin noodles
  1. Nimono

Nimono is a Japanese word meaning “boiled”, which is cooked in a boiled way, which is favored by the Japanese significantly, and can fall under a large number of dishes, whether through vegetables or potatoes.

  1. Stew

Stew soup is one of the most popular Japanese meals favored by men, and is characterized by sauce mixed with carrots, potatoes and chicks with vegetables.

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