Fukuoka Museum Guide

Fukuoka Museum


Fukuoka town, Dazaifu and urban center in Fukuoka Prefecture in northern island have some wonderful museums and art galleries.

This space of Japan, particularly Hakata and Dazaifu, was the entranceway for the exchange of concepts, individuals and product from the first periods of Japanese history till the top of the Edo amount.

Located nearer to Busan than capital of Japan, it has long had stronger ties with the Asian continent than alternative elements of Japan. From Korean potters – usually forcibly dropped at Japan – and Chinese leaders within the past to Korean and Chinese tourists nowadays, Asian influence has been and remains terribly palpable in Kyushu’s largest town.

Fukuoka Museum
Fukuoka Museum

See a list of museums and art galleries in Fukuoka.

The Fukuoka Asian Art repository bills itself as “the solely repository within the world that consistently collects and exhibits Asian trendy and up to date art.

The works within the assortment of the repository don’t seem to be imitation of Western art or repetitions of ancient works.” And it quite lives up to the current asking. FAAM conjointly holds regular art lectures, workshops and film screenings.

The Fukuoka Asian Art repository is found within the center of Fukuoka on the seventh and eighth floors of the Riverain Building. it’s three-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station or a 15-minute walk from Canal town.

the town  repository is found within the Momochi district of Fukuoka and opened in 1990. The permanent exhibition is devoted to its history and is organized in eleven zones. Highlights embrace the Kin-in Gold Seal (a metallic elementtional Treasure) bestowed to the traditional Japanese king of Na by China’s dynasty Emperor and exhibits on the city’s Hakata Gion Yamakasa competition command annually within the initial fortnight of Gregorian calendar month.

Fukuoka Art repository

The Fukuoka Art repository is found in Ohori Park and combines ancient Buddhist statues, penmanship, byobu screens and ceramics with trendy art by such foreign and Japanese artists as Marc Chagall, Anish Kapoor, Yoshida Hiroshi and Joan Miró. It conjointly stages regular special exhibitions.

Fukuoka Art repository, 1-6 Ohori-Koen Park, Chuo-ku.

The repository is presently closed from Gregorian calendar month 2016 till March 2019 for renovation.

Like its counterparts in Sendai, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Kobe, The Anpanman Children’s repository in Mall isn’t extremely a repository. Most of the area is preoccupied with a spread of play areas, together with a sandbox, bouncy castle, tiny train ride, slides etc., tho’ there area unit exhibits of Anpanman characters and a neighborhood for arts and crafts.

The very good island National repository in Dazaifu is Japan’s fourth National repository when capital of Japan National repository, metropolis National repository and NARA National repository. The island National repository opened to a lot of fanfare in 2005. Dazaifu was the location of a office within the NARA and Heian periods of Japanese history managing diplomacy with Asia. it’s this wealthy history of interaction with the Asian dry land and therefore the extant art from the amount that’s celebrated during this advanced and large-scale repository.

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