Ichinomiya town

Ichinomiya town


Ichinomiya town could be a town set in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. the town is commonly referred to as Kowari-Ichinomiya to avoid confusion with another Ichinomiya (now a part of the town of Toyonaka).

As of March 2015, the town had Associate in Nursing calculable population of 378,829 and a population density of 3330 persons per km². the full space was 113.92 sq. kilometers (43.98 sq mi).

Ichinomiya town
Ichinomiya town

Ichinomiya town virtually means that “the initial shrine” of the province. just in case of this town, it absolutely was Masuria Shrine of Kowari Province. Ichinomiya  town developed as a monzen-machi from the Heian amount.

The modern city of Ichinomiya town was supported with the institution of the municipalities system on Gregorian calendar month one, 1889. it absolutely was raised to town standing on Sep one, 1921. the town annexed the neighboring villages of Haguri and Nishinari in 1940, and with a further eight encompassing municipalities (the villages of Chiaki, Tanyo and Kitakata, and therefore the cities of Asai, Yamato, Akiwara, Oku and some of Imaise) in 1955.

On April 1, 2002 Ichinomiya town was selected as a Special town, with accrued native autonomy. On April 1, 2005, the town was any expanded  by gripping the town of Bisai, and therefore the city of Kisogawa (from Haguri District) which might create the town the fourth largest in Aichi Prefecture, behind Nagoya, Toyota, and Toyohashi.

Traditional noted for textiles, Ichinomiya is currently a regional industrial center with a economy of producing and agriculture. Kanesue has its headquarters in Ichinomiya. It rapt to its current headquarters in Gregorian calendar month 1976.



Central Japan Railway Company – Tōkaidō Line

Owari-Ichinomiya – Kisogawa

Meitetsu – Bisai Line

Tamano – Hagiwara – Futago – Kariyasuka – Kannonji – Meitetsu-Ichinomiya – Nishi-Ichinomiya – Kaimei – Okuchō – Tamanoi

Meitetsu – Nagoya path

Shima-ujinaga – Myōkōji – Meitetsu Ichinomiya * Imaise – Iwato – Shin Kisogawa – Kuroda – Kisogawa-zutsumi


Meishin pike – Owari Ichinomiya PA, Ichinomiya IC, Ichinomita JCT

Tōkai-Hokuriku pike – Ichinomiya JCT, Ichinomiya-Nishi IC, Hizai IC, Ichinomiya-Kisogawa IC

Route sixteen (Nagoya Expressway)

Japan National Route twenty two

Japan National Route one hundred fifty five

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