Seto could be a town settled in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

As of right 2015, town had AN calculable population of 129,976 and a population density of one,170 persons per km². the full space was 111.61 sq. kilometers (43.09 sq. mi). it’s settled regarding thirty five minutes from urban center by manner of the Motets Seto Line.

Seto Town
Seto Town

The town is found within the rough  northern region of Aichi Prefecture, bordering Gifu Prefecture. In English, the name of Seto interprets to “the place wherever the stream runs quickly.” However, whereas there’s a stream in the town, it’s neither considerably giant nor quick-moving. The town is legendary for its pottery and ceramics, such a lot in order that the generic word for ceramics in Japanese is setomono.

The main street on the stream is lined with dozens of pottery retailers. each third weekday and Sunday in Sept, there’s a really giant pottery pageant referred to as Setomono Matsuri This pageant attracts regarding twenty,000 guests from around Japan and abroad once a year.

During the Edo amount, the realm of recent Seto was controlled by the Owari Tokugawa of urban center. the realm had been famed for its ceramics production since a minimum of the Kamakura amount. throughout the Meiji amount, Seto village was organized in 1888, changing into a city in 1892. when annexing the neighboring village of Akatsu in 1925, it was raised to town standing on October one, 1929. abundant of town was destroyed in 1945 throughout war two.

In the postwar amount, town grew as a suburb for urban center and as a tourer designation. On Annunciation Day, 2005, accumulation 2005 opened with its main website being in Nagakute and extra activity in it. The accumulation continuing till Sept twenty five, 2005.



Aichi Loop Railway – Aichi Loop Line

Yamaguchi – Setoguchi – Setoshi – Nakamizuno

Meitetsu – Seto Line

Mizuno -Shin -Shiyakusho-mae -Owari


Tokai-Kanjo pike

Japan National Route one hundred fifty five

Japan National Route 248

Japan National Route 363


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