best Japanese restaurant

Best Japanese restaurant


We often believe that Japan is an industrial and commercial country, but it is also an important tourist destination because of its natural attractions and attractions, which cannot be found anywhere else, whether historical or cultural, or natural places such as waterfalls, gardens or even new tourist attractions. Since Japan is a very large country, tourism will take several days, especially if a person wants to visit a number of areas.

Traditional Japanese food
Traditional Japanese food

Top 10 Japanese cities:

  1. The capital Tokyo: Tokyo has a large number of museums, parks and magnificent markets and consists of several cities, towns, villages and islands.
  2. Kyoto: contains a lot of temples, shrines, valuable historical architecture, gardens and a range of restaurants that offer the most famous and delicious cuisine and the most magical is the existence of large green spaces to roam.
  3. Nagoya: It is the largest city in Aichi Prefecture in Honshu Chubu District and is full of gardens and museums.
  4. Hiroshima (in the Chogoku region): Strenuous efforts were made to rebuild the city after it was attacked by the American atomic bomb in 1945. But it has become a tourist city frequented by tourists from all over the world because of its beauty.
  5. Osaka: Here you will find many wonderful sights such as castles, skyscrapers and museums, as well as the most beautiful markets, shopping malls, restaurants and many water parks.
  6. Kobe: is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and lies between the sea and the Rocco mountain range overlooking the sea. It has the oldest Islamic mosque in Japan and is famous for the manufacture of ships and large commercial vessels and is a great place to spend time in restaurants and cafes.
  7. Nagasaki: contains churches and temples, as well as many parks and markets for shopping enthusiasts.
  8. Nara: contains the oldest and largest temples, not to mention the most beautiful gardens and museums, including 8 monuments listed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.
  9. Sapporo (capital of Hokkaido): Its streets were built along the lines of North American streets in the late 19th century and a very famous festival is the annual Snow Festival held in February and attracts many tourists.
  10. Tsukuba (north of Tokyo): The city of science and culture and a center for research and development.

Strange and exotic restaurants you can only find in Tokyo:

LockUp is a prison where each table serves as a cell where the visitor is invited to eat.

CapCom Restaurant, is from the best japanese restaurants which serves food and drinks from the most popular video games.

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant is one of three best japanese restaurants where the waiter is disguised as a ninja outfit.

Zauo restaurant where you sit on a fake boat and you can fish in a tank under you to be cooked for you.

Zauo restaurant
Zauo restaurant

Maid Cafe where the waitress dressed as a fake maid, her movements such as calling the customer “master” and beautifying the nails of women until she cries when the customer leaves.

Mount Mitak:

Mount Mitak is located in the Okutama area and is surrounded by forests, hills and valleys, and is one of the attractions of the National Park of Qiqiyu Tamakai which covers 1250 kilometers of the mountain!

Here you can walk and stroll to see the beautiful nature as you climb the mountain or camping, also ride the cable car and watch the most beautiful landscapes and flowers of Japan and the most beautiful wild birds, and a number of wild animals and plants and waterfalls characterized by its water roaring.

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