Best Japanese Food

Best Japanese Food


Foods that are available in Japan from all over the globe, in all their forms and forms, are one of the factors that create great fun to live in Japan. Japan has been developing one of the world’s finest cuisines, which contributes to a sense of fine and exquisite feeling, ranging from enjoying the taste of sashimi to the rich ingredients of delicious pasta. Some of the world’s top chefs came to Japan to cook in front of Japanese gourmet food.

Best food
Best food

Tokyo, in particular, has a plethora of best delicious cuisine with exquisite flavors and best designs to suit its status as a global capital for money and business.

To start exploring the wide variety of Japanese food, take a walking tour near any subway station. The restaurants and liquor stores scattered here will certainly reflect the wide variety of local cuisine at reasonable prices. For foreigners, some restaurants offer rubber and wax dishes that mimic the original dishes and put them in shop fronts or offer a menu with color photographs.

Supermarkets are also another good place to find best affordable meals. These shops often devote the entire upstairs or basement to various restaurants. Some of the restaurants that are suitable prices require their customers to buy cards for each dish either from the treasurer or from the automated vendor. It is worth mentioning that tipping has no place in Japan.

Japanese cuisine has recently become very popular in the West, whether it is the delicious Sushi Yaki or the Sushi, which has won the world’s acclaim. Many visitors to Japan try to enjoy fresh fish or fried shrimp in an appropriate way.

But few visitors who come to Japan for the first time are prepared to accept diversity and luxury in traditionally prepared foods. Eating in Japan is a fun experience that one remembers and craves for life. Among the foods found in Japan:

Yaki suki is processed on the table cooked thin slices of beef with various kinds of vegetables, tofu and noodles.


Timbora is a vegetarian food fried after a mixture of eggs, water and white flour. Among its ingredients are shrimp and fish, depending on season and vegetables.

Sushi is a small piece of raw seafood placed over pickled rice. Its most common ingredients are tuna, squid and prawns. It is also served with cucumber, pickled radish and sweet egglit.

Sashimi is a finely sliced ​​fish eaten with soy sauce.

Kaiseki Rory is a uniquely selected and improved food. The dishes are mainly made of vegetables and fish with seaweed and mushrooms where the spices are mainly for their taste and are characterized by their improved taste.

Yakitori consists of small pieces of grilled meat, liver and vegetables placed in bamboo ishes and is roasted on hot charcoal.

Shabu Shabu is a thin slice of beef that is easy to chew. Keep it in a bowl of boiling water for a short time, then dip it in the sauce before eating it.

Soba and Oudon are two types of Japanese pasta. Soba is made from buckwheat flour, while oudon is made from wheat flour. They are served either in soup or stuffed with sauces, and are available in hundreds of different dishes.

With the exception of Chinese restaurants that offer plastic food sticks, you will eat with wooden sticks that come wrapped in paper. Remove them from the paper and separate them from each other and hold the two hands with one thumb, forefinger and middle, as if you were holding two pens.

Then let the middle finger differentiate between the oud. A lobe will settle between the index finger and center, while the other lobe will settle between the middle and the finger. Watch others how to manipulate the sticks to learn how to pick up and carry the pieces correctly.

To eat the soup, hold the small bowl in one hand and sip the soup from the edge of the bowl. Dice can be dipped in soup to pick up small pieces of bean curd or thin slices of seagrass.

Pasta is served on a wooden tray and can pick up a small amount to easily eat as a single punch. If served in soup, you can pick up pasta to eat and raise the bowl to sift the soup alternately. Eating it is a sign of good appetite and eating with pleasure, and in this case it is completely acceptable.

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