japan travel guide – Ota

japan travel guide – Ota

japan travel guide – Ota | The Tokyo International Airport is a gateway of airlines
located in this area. In contrast to this modern airport, the
area is dotted with a number of attractive spots embracing
old culture, history and nature.

1- Ikegami Honmonji Temple ( 池上本門寺 )

This is the temple where Nichiren, a priest in the Kamakura era, entered Nirvana.
There are spectacular buildings in the large precincts of the temple such as the
Great Hall and the Five-story Pagoda. On October 11 through 13 every year, the
memorial services are held to the illustrious memory of Priest Nichiren. In particular,
Mandoh-Neri-Kuyoh is a lantern parade with a crowd of 300,000 people held in
the evening of October 12.

12-min. walk from Nishi-Magome Sta. on Toei Asakusa Line/10–min. walk from Ikegami

Sta. on Tokyu-Ikegami Line
The precincts are open for 24 hours. (Prayer ceremony at the Great Hall:10:00–15:00)
 Open 365 days

2- Omori Nori Museum ( 大森 海苔のふるさと館 )

It offers an exhibition of traditional industries and sea laver production. Visitors can
enjoy experimental activities of laver production. There is also a beach park where
you can enjoy playing in the sea water, fishing, strolling and the like. It is the first
city-run beach park with a historical miniature of Omori Beach.

15-min. walk from Heiwajima Sta. and 12-min. walk from Omori Sta. on Keihin Kyuko
Line, 3-min. walk from Heiwajima 5-Chome Bus Stop on Heiwajima shuttle bus starting
from JR Omori Sta., 4-min. walk from the bus terminal bound for Omori 5-Chome
starting from JR Omori Sta. and JR Kamata Sta
9:00–17:00 (9:00–19:00 in June to August)

Closed on the 3rd Monday every month (following day when it falls on a national holiday) and New Year holidays (December

29–January 3
03-5471-0333 (Omori Nori Museum)

3- Magome Bunshi Mura ( 馬込文士村 )

In Magome, a number of novelists and artists such as Kawabata Yasunari, Uno
Chiyo, Kitahara Hakushu and so forth lived in the late Taisho era and the early
Showa era. The city has set up a “walking course” around Magome and Sannoh for
visiting the memorial places of writers and artists.

Sanno-guchi exit of JR Omori Sta. and Nishi-magome Sta. on Toei Asakusa Line (A01)

Open 365 days
03-3777-1070 (Folk Museum of Ota City)

4- Folk Museum of Ota City ( 大田区立郷土博物館 )

There is an exhibition of historical materials covering the history of laver production,
which was a local industry, Magome Bunshi Mura, and other historical remains.
The museum also holds various other events and exhibitions as well. It also offers
handson activities and workshops for learning the history, culture and industries of
Ota City. (Prior applications are required.

Take a Tokyu bus for Ebara Sta. Entrance and get off at Manpukuji-mae Stop plus 2-min.
walk, 7-min. walk from Nishi-magome Sta. (A01) on Toei Asakusa Line.
Mondays (open in the case of a national holiday), Year-end and beginning of the year (December 29–January 3)

5- Tokyo International Airport – Haneda ( 羽田空港 )

The airport is a gateway of airlines to Tokyo and its terminal buildings are known as
“Big Bird”. There are three terminal buildings, terminals 1 and 2 for domestic use,
and the New International Terminal. Among the many facilities are an observation
platform, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Direct connections from Tokyo monorail Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Sta., Haneda
Airport Terminal 2 Sta., Keikyu Airport Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Sta., and
Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta.
24 hours (domestic terminal from 5:00 to 25:00)
Open 365 days

03-5757-8111 (Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal General Information)

03-6428-0888 (Haneda Airport International Terminal General Information

6- Tokyo Tourist Information Center, Haneda Airport Branch ( 東京観光情報センター羽田空港支所 )

It is located at the International Terminal, 2nd floor, and offers sightseeing information
of Tokyo to visitors from overseas and other parts of Japan. Leaflets are available for
covering sightseeing, traffic accesses, hotel accommodations and the like.

Directly connected with Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta. on Tokyo Monorail,
or Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta. on Keikyu Airport Line.
Open 365 days

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